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Have you ever tried to fit a vertical logo in the horizontal video screen without sacrificing legibility? Art Palette, TerraBuilt, American Film & Video, Quality Care, and Electric Edits were designed specifically for a video screen.

What if you have an idea for a logo and you need it executed? TerraBuilt, net.work.md, and Metropolitan Washington Environmental Professionals were based on the clients' ideas.

Pot Holder Bolton Hill
art palette prod.
American Film & Video
City Bakery
Quality Care
Electric Edits
Keramic Exotica
Metropolitan Washington Environmental Professionals Takoma Digital

All logos are copyrighted.


Pot Holder: cooking newsletter
net.work.Maryland: Bell Atlantic technology showcase
Bolton Hill: Baltimore neighborhood
Art Palette Productions: video production company
American Film & Video: video producton company
Iowans Serving Iowans with Quality Care: video title
TerraBuilt: a system of creating building blocks from local dirt and little cement
Electric Edits: video editing company
Kermica Exotica: ceramics shop
City Bakery: a baker, naturally
Metropolitan Washington Environmental Professionals: Nonprofit in Washington, D.C.
Takoma Digital: this site

Takoma Digital

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