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I have a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Visual Communication/Graphic Design. I’ve used computers extensively for thirty years, and have worked with a wide variety of platforms and programs, ranging from computer-aided drafting to page layout to animation and editing.

Visual Communication: A dance of graphics & music
I was drawn to computer graphics for video, non-linear video editing, presentations, and the web because of the creative freedom and instant feedback they provide. My interest in music informs my video editing and compositing, giving me a great sense of timing and pacing. I have the technical and artistic experience to provide audio editing for my clients that complements the visual image.

Typography & Calligraphy
I studied English and Arabic calligraphy and typography. I’ve had an abiding interest in the history and use of fonts and I appreciate the technical and visual challenges of communicating with text alone. I enjoy working with decorative calligraphy, but I believe that the prime directive for using text is to get the message across unambiguously.

Types of Projects/Clients
I have worked for producers, project managers, and agency reps who know the technical constraints and advantages of computer art, and also for people who are not media professionals and need explanations and guidance. My work ranges from videos and digital slides used in big conventions or on broadcast television, to video editing, graphics and music for documentaries, or corporate communications and training videos. I work easily with clients from private businesses, national associations, unions, and government and creative professionals of all kinds

Technical Knowledge & Computer Platforms
I have used a long list of major packages of paint, illustration, special effects, editing, animation, and web development, along with all the software utilities that are necessary for any computer for graphic artists.

English, Arabic, and some French.

A Choreography of Vision and Sound
My philosophy, simply stated, is that timing is everything in video editing. Just as in comedy and public speaking, the difference between good video and great video or presentation is that the image, the audio and the idea work together, seamlessly, and invisibly, reinforcing the story being told and never drawing attention to the tools of the storyteller. More than anything this requires patience and attention to detail.

My Motto
"Simplicity of form is never poverty, it is great virtue."
—Jan Tschichold, Typographer, 1902-1974

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