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AnimaJam Line  


includes audio

"AnimaJam Line "
Animation group sponsored byWashington D.C. WIFV
Task: Create an animation starting and ending with the given line. All contributions were strung together to showcase the talent in the animation group.


includes audio

"Taking Care Of Business"
The National Foundation for Teaching Enterpreneurship (NFTE)
The clipboard was used in NFTE's print design. I combined it with the logo and the hand grabbing the briefcase, for one smooth sequence.
Al Gore   Quicktime

includes audio
Al Gore
Center For National Policy (CNP)
The flag motif came from the CNP logo. Ideas for this animation came from a printed invitation to the awards ceremony.
VAF   Quicktime

Breast Self- Examination
Animated by Stephen Egts
Composited and produced by Neda Juraydini
Client: Video/Action Fund, Jennifer Crescenzo
The three techniques for breast self-examination are shown here, quadrant, circular, and vertical. The movie I show here is speeded up for convenience. In reality, this exam must be executed slowly and carefully.
SEIU Open   Quicktime

includes audio
Client: Service Employees International Union, Nina Shapiro-Perl
2D animator: Stephen Egts
Nina Shapiro-Perl's concept for this logo came from the Greek myth of Sysiphus who was given the task of pushing an enormous boulder up the hill in Hades, only to roll down again as he neared the top. In the case of SEIU, the collective effort brought success, and the boulder was driven up and away.
Art Palette Prod.   Quicktime

includes audio
Art Palette Productions The music in this piece, composed by Liza Figueroa, came before the animation. The animation came as an inspiration to the music.
Lugha   Quicktime

Neda Juraydini, for self-promotion
The movie ends on the words Al-Lugha Al-Arabiyya, which means the Arabic Language. The calligraphic pen is an ornamental Kufic.
net.work.Maryland   Quicktime

includes audio
Client: Portfolio Productions, Michael Vaughan, for Bell Atlantic
The goal of net.work.Maryland is to build a network infrastructure that extends from the mountains of Western Maryland to the communities of the Eastern Shore. The map shows the extent for the network. The animated logo was displayed in an expo.

Your company logo or your event logo is one of your most valuable assets. Give me your logo and I'll be sure to give it a treatment that'll make it stand out.

I often combine different techniques and use several packages and bring in different talents to achieve the results you're looking for. Some clips above were created in the early days of animation using Lightwave on an Amiga. Even though I work with state-of-the-art equipment today, I included them to show that it's the artists' touch that makes a difference, regardless of the tools.
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