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© ER Labs  


includes audio

ER Labs: "Maximizing Human Performance"
TRT 00:11.26
Client: Lorenz Productions, Patricia Lorenz
This video open is composed of footage of various transportation vehicles, ground, air, and water. The top and bottom dark bands were used to fill letterbox footage (HDTV aspect) that preceded the open to bring continuity to the whole sequence.
"Restoring the American Dream" "It Pays to Make Work Pay"
TRT: 7 sec
Client: Change to Win
These two clips are similar treatment for two different titles. The client dropped the first title and went with the second title. The choice of font in the second clip is similar to the print material.

NOAA   Quicktime

includes audio
TRT 00:16.16

Client: Portfolio Productions, Michael Vaughan
Storyboard: Pat Perry-Burgess
The first two map sequences, the zoom into the earth and the flyover, were provided by NOAA. The challenge was to make these two very digital looking and slightly jerky sequences fit with the beautiful nature footage that followed. Using various effects I softened the mapsand added clouds. The satellite that quickly flies through is from a 3D model that NOAA provided and to which I applied texture and then animated.
© SEIU   Quicktime

includes audio
SEIU: "Imagine"
TRT 2:04.24

Client: Service Employees International Union, Nina Shapiro-Perl
Illustrator: Stephen Egts
"Imagine" tells the story of a fictitious woman who aims to achieve big things. SEIU hopes to energize its members by encouraging them to have big goals and dreams.
© Litton/PRC   Quicktime

Five 15-second sponts for Litton/PRC
TRT 00:15.00
Client: Portfolio Productions, Michael Vaughan
This is one of five graphically and conceptually identical ad for Litton/PRC to attract people to a career in technology. The words selected are fun and catchy, and the movement of the words reflect the meaning.
FBI, America's Finest   Quicktime

includes audio
"FBI, America's Finest"
TRT 00:10.12
Client: Portfolio Productions, Michael Vaughan
The background and the text "FBI, America's finest" were taken from another product for this opening sequence. This version needed more movement and the text "Special Agent" added to it.

Layers of images, video, music and sound effects flowing into each other or flashing across the screen, all synced into one seamless dance, will grab your attention, focus the topic or energize the audience.

Compositing allows the artist to work in four dimensions to create motion and depth in what might otherwise be mundane graphic screens. Camera imagery, drawn elements and software magic combine to produce a finished result that is more than the sum of its parts. Compositing can complement or replace animation in a video clip, usually saving on production costs. Above are several approaches to compositing using differing numbers of layers in a variety of videos that were all meant to inspire people.
Takoma Digital

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