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1. Lots of compositing, effects, and many layers of images.
AFT McDonnell
2. Clean graphics with strong emphasis on message.
charts maps
3. Charts, maps, maps, and more maps.

Video Graphics

I combine illustration, animation, camera work, compositing, and editing skills to create videos and video clips that meet the clients' objectives. These samples demonstrate a range of techniques from simple text to multiple layer composites.

Fifty years ago, the cameraman shot hand-lettered card for titles and graphics. Now we use fancy computers and amazing software. The need to identify people in a video, to give credit to people or to use a chart or graph or drawing to make a point, remains an important part of any video production. The quality of credits and titles can measurably impact a presentation's effectiveness. This sampling gives some idea of the range of projects I have experience with.

Takoma Digital

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