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Pichs site The Pichs Collection, Postal Museum,
Smithsonian Institution
Written in Stone site Written in Stone, National Museum of Natural History, Asian Cultural History Program, Smithsonian Institution
NGS site Next Generation Systems
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Environmental Systems Associates
CPN site Chesapeake Polyamory Network
RSG site RSG Home Inspections.
Takoma Digital site This website.

Web Design

In some ways, Web design has similar constraints to video and presentation graphics: resolution is limited, you don’t know under what conditions or on what type of equipment the work will be viewed, and there is always a tight deadline.

I have been working with the internet since 1995 and strive to keep up with the latest developments. I believe that all media, electronic, print or video, used by your organization should have a consistency of design and nuance. The primary goal is always to communicate, not to create barriers to understanding that may result from using fancy effects where they are not called for.

Here is a sampling of my work for the web which I have permission to show.

Takoma Digital

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