Rick's video experience,
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Rick has been designing and building digital media systems for artists, editors, videographers and scientists since 1983.

He combines knowledge of computers, audio, video, database development and networking to help his clients find reliable and cost-effective solutions.

He is proficient with NLE systems from Adobe, Avid, discreet, DPS, in-sync, and Newtek, and has worked with video cards from Matrox, Pinnacle, Canopus, DPS, and Interlace Engineering.

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Rick has been supporting, government, business,and home computer users since 1981. He has worked as a computer video, imaging, and networking consultant and engineer, with a wide variety of commercial and governmental clients.

Recently Rick was IT Director for a city government agency, supporting video production, streaming and video on demand. He continues to provide support to the agency as a consultant.

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Rick Lohmeyer

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