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Marlboro Township, Marlboro, NJ
Installed Government and Public Access Cable Channel (2004)

For a municipal government, installed entire video studio from scratch, including layout, wiring, equipment setup, testing, training and verification. This is a three camera, professional studio with digital audio/video switcher, character generator, automated switching and programming system, non-linear editor and satellite uplink.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Install telephone equipment and digital video system (2003)

Installed and trained on Eventide telephone logging and recording equipment for the sales office of a major utility company.

Replaced two racks of aging analog switching and production equipment with computer based system based on Newtek Video Toaster. Rewired audio and video, installed, tested and trained staff on new computer switcher and editing system.

Live In-flight Video Entertainment (LIVE)
Analyzing Codecs For Video Compression (2000)

Worked as a consultant to LIVE (later, Contentco) on their Direct-to-Aircraft (DTA) service designed to provide point-to-multipoint delivery of digital multimedia content to mobile platforms worldwide.

I recommended standards, procedures, and vendors for evaluating codecs for compressing video and audio into extremely tight streams for satellite delivery to aircraft in flight. I did the first evaluations of candidate codecs using standardized ISO and proprietary testing media.

The Contentco system was designed to deliver news, sports, entertainment, and advertising to passengers on aircraft in flight. I evaluated codecs on their compression quality, speed of compression, usability in different programming environments, and use of proprietary features. I provided information on cost and benefits for each codec.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Fiber Storage Area Network Video Editing System (1999)

CIA sealDesigned and sold multiple non-linear video editing and graphics systems. The systems allow video and audio editing of uncompressed digital and analog video stored on a fibre channel Storage Area Network. Editors can work on multiple projects at once while using common storage.

Worked with technicians from Canadian supplier to install the systems and train operators and management in their use and upkeep.

Benedek Broadcasting
Non-linear Editing Systems at 15 locations (1997-2000)

Sold, designed, and supervised the integration and installation of non-linear video editing systems to be used in creating spots and promos in locations nationwide for this national broadcast group.

Ft. Eustis, ETV, Hampton VA; Ft. Bragg, NC,
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, US Secret Service

Non-linear Editing Systems & Networking (1997-1999)

Sold, designed, and supervised integration of multiple systems for video editing and graphics production and worked with on-site IT staff on network integration.

Archives, Bureau of Engraving and Printing Historical Resource Center
Collection Management System (1996)

CIA sealPerformed needs analysis and specified software for museum image collection management.

Designed and installed networked hardware and software system to support chosen software with digital camera, scanners, RAID storage, and workstations.

Specified software for image acquisition, wavelet compression, and automated storage in CD jukebox. Trained staff in imaging and system operation.

Video Projects Company, New Hyde Park, NY
ARIS Advanced RaceTrack Imaging System (1995)

Designed and managed programming and installation of an automated, unattended system for converting a constant stream of coded information from betting computers into video screens showing odds, will-pays, track conditions, and race results for horse racing tracks. Included installation at Garden State Parkway and other tracks. Made possible real-time replays and animation for advertising.

EOSAT Earth Observation Satellite Company
Browse Image Management System (1994)

Created UNIX, VMS, and NT systems to enable rapid location and viewing of sampled, scaled, and compressed earth satellite images. System was later upgraded and ported for Internet use by in-house engineering staff.

US Central Intelligence Agency
Study of the Electronic Transmission of Graphics (1992)

CIA sealAnalysis of the best ways to scan, compress, and transmit photographs, signatures, fingerprints, miscellaneous images, and maps to field offices around the world securely and quickly, using POTS as a baseline medium.

Analysis of available or near-future technology for scanning, compression, and cryptography-enabled imaging tools.

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